is a Perl script which passes options to MEncoder to encode files in a format that can be transferred to a TiVo.


When TiVo released version 7.2 of the TiVo software and version 2.2 of the TiVo desktop software, they added a feature which allows the TiVo to retrieve video from a home network. Unfortunately, the TiVo can't play all formats. will read any video file and convert it into a format which the TiVo can play. requires MEncoder to be in the path. MEncoder is part of the MPlayer system, which can be downloaded from Make sure that all of the codecs are installed in order for mencoder_tivo to work properly.


Download here, or check it out of this Subversion repository.

Usage filename [filename [filename [...]]] --output=filename arguments



This software is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

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Thanks to Martin Frankel at TiVo!

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